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Our work, but just logo design:

  • Your logo is only part of your brand, but it has always been the part of the brand that almost every client has focussed on. We understand why. You’ll instantly recognise the logo of any brand you associate yourself with or know for what it produces if it’s an established brand and many see themselves as someone else.
  • If you want to up your logo game, you’ll have to start with your brand. The Apple or Microsoft logo are logos we’ll all recognise, but we’ll also recognise the rest of their brands assets – the colours they use, the fonts, the image style, the layout of all of their literature, ads and how their website reflects all of this too. A brand is, therefore, more than ‘just a good logo’, and a logo is more than something that is squeezed through a magic logo maker.
  • Someone else’s logo can often open a door to conversation with our clients – do they see themselves as a similar business with the same values and the same or similar clients or customers?
  • With this in mind we’ve put this page together to demonstrate ‘just logos’, a small part of the brand development we’ve been involved with alongside our clients but it might spark a conversation about developing your brand.
salutation sign - childsdesign
retrocorn card logo - childsdesign
fire my order logo - childsdesign
appointments company logo - childsdesign
edible market food festival - childsdesign
resifloor card logo - childsdesign
office on the net - childsdesign
wow awards logo - childsdesign
artisan food trail logo - childsdesign
sales masters guild logo - childsdesign
harmanie marketing logo - childsdesign
humphreys logo - childsdesign
updatedge logo - childsdesign
tiny training logo - childsdesign
healerzone logo - childsdesign
building websites for business logo - childsdesign
the bratton group logo - childsdesign
genesis thinking logo - childsdesign
triagora logo - childsdesign
business premiership logo - childsdesign
gladleys courtyard brasserie logo - childsdesign
botanikey logo 2 - childsdesign
alroys logo - childsdesign
24-7 business card logo - childsdesign

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