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We’re everything you’d expect from a full-service design & marketing agency.

We just approach things a little differently.

childsdesign is a full service agency. We’re sometimes known as a full service web agency, full service media agency, digital agency, branding agency or even graphic designers. However we’re know, as a full-service digital agency we offer our clients a cost effective, holistic approach, specialising in branding, graphic design, photography and marketing solutions – on and offline, web design and development, social media, content marketing and strategic planning. We’re highly experienced and (if it matters to you) award winning. We work with  clients of all shapes and sizes across many different industries.

Our business is based in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire with clients within the surrounding counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire and Essex, throughout the United Kingdom and around the world.

At childsdesign we ‘do’ rather a lot, so instead of squeezing in all of our services on to one page and tell you very little about what we actually do and how we really think, we’ve split our services up into their component parts. This way, it will make it easier for you to find what you are looking for and answer your questions quickly. If you are looking for a specific service and can’t find it, please contact us so that we may help you, or if we can’t, we may be able to refer you to another company that we trust, who’ll be able to assist you.

What are the benefits of a full service agency?

There are 3 key areas of our business; design, marketing and photography. But what are the benefits for using a full service digital agency like ourselves;

  • The full service agency experience means that everything is in one place, with one point of contact for all of your work
  • Less meeting going through the same learnings, strategies and reporting
  • A coherent holistic service. We’ll understand every part of what you want to achieve
  • One set of holistically produced reports where everything ties together
  • Generally with a full service agency there is a cost saving. We definitely save our clients money and make their budgets go further when combining our services, and everything runs more smoothly.

Below we’ve introduced each of our service areas, just click to find out more about each.

design - childsdesign


Our wide ranging design services cover everything that any business could need; Branding, graphic design, packaging design, design for publishing and web development.

We also offer to review your current collateral through a branding audit to ensure that your brand is consistent and clearly portrays your business to your customers.

Take a closer look:

marketing - childsdesign


As a full service digital agency, childsdesign offers a comprehensive marketing service that encompasses both online and offline marketing.

Our award winning social media service for businesses both small and large have proven results, and although we do need some input from our clients can be almost independently run.

Email marketing to our client databases have achieved 80%+ open rates with consistent click-thru  from their previous emailings that generated below 5% open rates.

Relevant SEO (search engine optimisation) is part of our marketing suite, ensuring that our clients are found for the right and effective search terms by their targeted prospects.

Take a closer look:

photography - childsdesign


From office based reportage to studio product photography, the images you use are as important as your brand design and the words you use to acompany them.

When it comes to product based e-commerce, how your products look online will often be the first time that your potential customers will see them – they must have impact. With food photography, your packaging or promotional images have to sell the quality of your products. We have plenty of experience presenting our clients products to their best.

Take a closer look:

Full Service Agency Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What exactly does a full service agency do?

There is no fixed definition of a full service agency, they all do something a little differently to one another. At childsdesign our full service agency consists of branding, design, marketing (on and offline), copywriting, social media marketing and management, SEO (search engine optimisation), website design, development and build and photography.

Not all of our clients use all of our services, but for those that do, we make things a lot simpler for them, and, combining services into one package makes their marketing budgets go further.

Do I need to use childsdesign for everything or can you just help with part of my requirements?

You can speak to us about a single service and, if we’re able, we’d be only to pleased to help.

We do have clients that only come to us for a single service such as their overall brand development and design. Equally we have clients that from an extablished brand we work with them on the design and development of their websites and ongoing SEO development.

Are there any cost benefits to using a full service agency?

We can’t speak for everyone, but at childsdesign there are definitely cost benefits.

Combining services means we have a better understanding of you, your business and the way that you work. It means less meetings for you and us, less emails, less phonecalls and less hassle – all the things that eat time and budget.

Will I have a dedicated account manager?

If you’re expecting someone with an ‘account manager’ badge, then no, this isn’t the way that we work at childsdesign.

You will be speaking with, and meeting, the people actually working with you, so if you want to know something you won’t be asking a ‘middle person’, we shorten the chain and give you the answers to your questions, problems or solutions that will work directly from the people working with you.

That said, at no point will you not have a central contact or person to come to within childsdesign that knows exactly where we are with any project.

I'm in the north of the country and you're in the south, it's not practical to travel for meetings is it?

You’re right, it’s not always practicle to travel the lengths of the country for meetings – that doesn’t mean we’ll never meet.

We work with people all around the world, and technology has meant that we regularly meet face-to-face.

With the coming of covid we felt the rest of the business world started to catch-up with us as meetings moved online – it’s something we’d already been doing for some time. Now that people are going out again we’re completely open to meetings, but on a day-to-day basis online calls are much more efficient and cost effective (remember, that account manager is being paid to travel to you and back for that short meeting and you are paying for that short stop at your office between train stops) for all and they have been proven to be more productive for the majority of our clients.

Do you work on a project or ongoing retainer basis?

We generally work on a project basis, although, for most clients, projects overlap and continue on from one another to a marketing plan we are helping them to realise.

We don’t really like the term ‘retainer’, it suggests that we’re more of an employee rather than a professional business in our own right, where we work alongside you to help you attain your marketing goals. We do work with clients on extended agreements that are generally reviewed and renewed every 12 months.

Will you do some work for me for free to see what you can do?

In short, no we won’t.

We have an extensive portfolio of work. The portfolio demonstrates the type of work we have done with different clietns in different industry spaces.

If you are looking for free ideas then we’re not the full service agency for you.

Do you work with b2b or b2c businesses, I need someone that understands my customers?

We work in both areas, sometimes both for one client.

Take a look at our portfolio to see just some of the different types of businesses we have worked with or are work for.

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Talk to us about your next project

Use the form on this page, email or call us to set up an appointment to discuss your next project.

We’re based in Letchworth Garden City in Hertfordshire and are happy to visit you to discuss your requirements if you are based locally to us.

If further afield, that’s not a problem. We can arrange a phone or online call to see if we can help you. This enables us to gather enough information from you to give an initial quote. If you are happy with our quote and would like to engage us to work with you, then we can arrange to meet if necessary and discuss further.

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