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Copywriting is as important as your visual identity, don’t over look it.

If you don’t say the right thing about your business, who will?

Many businesses don’t give that much time and attention to copywriting, not considered how important the written word is as a part of their brands. Copywriting is as important as your logo, your images and everything else that goes into making a successful brand, so we urge you to consider using a specialist for the types of copywriting that you need. If you didn’t know that there were different types of copywriting then let’s shine some light on this. You may require a copywriting services for:

Each of these requires different copywriting skills, an understanding of your target audience to understand the tone-of-voice required, level of complexity and if your copy is going to feature online, especially in e-commerce, an understanding of SEO, and not all copywriting agencies have this.

Perhaps you need to produce content for your brochure, website, or social media business accounts, but don’t have the expertise to do this yourself, then a specialist copywriter could help. If you are presenting yourself online and taking the search engines seriously you’ll definitely want to work with a copywriter that understands the copywriting skills involved in SEO. SEO copywriting, isn’t the repeat of words paragraph after paragraph as many believe, it needs to be carefully crafted to include keywords in a natural way, an understanding of the importance of headings and sub-headings, paragraph length, punctuation, tone-of-voice and much more.

If you aren’t comfortable with someone copywriting for you, then consider our copywriting services as a fine tuning for your end use – you’ve written your own copy and just need someone who can see the finer details, that others miss to edit, and proofread for you while adding the SEO sparkle that you may have missed.

It’s not just online though. After spending time designing a beautiful brochure, it won’t create the impact you need, if it is littered with punctuation and spelling errors, poor grammar, weak headings and an inconsistent brand tone-of-voice.

Copywriting Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Do I really need to use a copywriter?

Not everyone needs to use a copywriter, but it’s rare.

Copywriters today have more skills than you’d first think, if your content is going online, understanding how your content will be seen by the search engines is vitally important.

I know my products and services, surely I'm the best person to create my text content?

We’d fully agree with you. You’ll be the person or people that know your products and services best, but you may not be the best people to create your final customer facing text content.

A copywriter can make sure that your customers greeted with SEO (search engine optimised) quality content that’s consistent in both tone and quality throughout your website or printed collateral.

SEO quality text content is critical if you want to be found online. Our copywriters understand the in’s and out’s of what the search engines are looking for, the structure the content should take and still engage with your potential customers and clients.

I hear a lot about 'tone-of-voice', is it really that important?

Having the right tone-of-voice is critical if you want your target audience to ‘buy’ into your brand.

The right tone-of-voice positions you and your business as the professionals you are, connecting you with your potential customers and clients.

I can't write my own content, can you help?

Yes we can. Our copywriters are great at drawing the information they need from you to create your text content.

A great way to draw this information from you is through simple interviews. Our copywriters will hold relaxed interview sessions with you, giving you the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of any specific product or service that you have. They then distill the interviews, carry out additional research where necessary and create your text content.

Will I be able to comment or change and text content created?

Yes, you will. No text content that has been created will be used in your website or marketing campaign until you’ve seen and approved for use.

I don't know what to write about, can you and your copywriters help?

Depending on how we’re engaging with you, yes, we can help with content ideas.

Any content will be related to your business, its services and products, so, the more we know about your business, the more we can help with what to write about.

Content will also be directly related to your aims and goals and keyword content within your website. We’ve been able to suggest and create successful content around even the most complex or apparently difficult subjects.

I'm happy with what I've written, I just want another pair of eyes to check it over, can you do that?

If you’re happy with the content you’ve written and want another pair of eyes to check it over, we can do that.

We’ll always look at what you’ve written from the side of your potential customers and clients who may want to cut through any technical or industry specific terminology, are searching for your products and services online and how the search engines will be reading your content.

I don't want to write my own copy, can you just take it away?

Not 100%, but we can lighten the load.

Speaking to our copywriters through content interviews is the easiest way to ‘not write anything’, but you will need to read what they have written and ensure that it is fact-checked against what your business does or your products offer.

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